Quality Quad States Membership Information

How to Apply

January 15, 2018

Graduate Members must complete an application which includes:

• Educational documentation:

   o An official transcript from academic institution, or

   o Copy of degree or certificate in lieu of transcript, or

• Employment documentation:

   o Certification of two years of work experience in specialized field (may be in the form of letter from employer) 

• Letters of recommendation

• Community Service

For an Membership Applications contact Helen Jones: [email protected]

Membership Categories/Eligibility

February 14, 2018

Graduate: Women who (1) have an undergraduate or associate degree; OR (2) have completed an approved two-year specialized training program, OR (3) the equivalent professional experience.

Undergraduate: Women who are enrolled in an accredited school, college or university and have satisfactorily completed one semester, one trimester or two quarters of training.

Member-at-Large: Women meeting the same requirements for Graduate members in locations where there is no local chapter.

Non-Discriminatory/Hazing Policy

Membership will not be denied to any woman because of her race, creed, color or national origin. Gamma Phi Delta Sorority, Inc. does not tolerate hazing of any form.

Interested in Becoming a Member

March 15, 2018

Gamma Phi Delta Sorority, Inc. extends membership to all women in business or professional fields, entrepreneurs and students of good moral character and reputation. Our membership reflects women whose ideals and principles are compatible to the goals of Gamma Phi Delta Sorority, Inc.

Questions regarding membership within the Quad States should be directed to Helen Jones, Assistant Regional Director, at [email protected]